Tea Creek WV 3/3/12

On a beautiful late winter day WV was graced with enough rain to make us think about the chance to do a very hard to catch creek in the cranberry wilderness area of centralish WV.  Tea creek is not the super gnar, that is not why we went.  The adventure, the camaraderie and the unknown  were the reasons for taking a huge day of hiking and kayaking in the high country of West By God.

We started our day from the Tea Creek Campground (the normal put-in for the Williams river), from here we hiked up river right and across the stream to the blue blazed tea creek trail.  After a couple, three miles we arrived at the confluence of the left and right fork of Tea Creek.  The water was getting low at this point and either fork was probably on the low side to continue upward so we put on at left fork and started our decent.

Tea Creek is a small stream that has some  good slides, a couple of big rapids and boulder drops up high and it mellows after about a mile or so down from the confluence to class II-III boogie water down to the campground.  Most parties in the past have probably gone in from above and hiked down to the right or left fork higher than we went.  We have heard that there are more rapids above us on the right fork and we have plans to do that again someday in the future.  If you set it up right you can leave a car at the Williams takeout and enjoy a high water run after Tea Creek.

Myself, Shawn McClung, Matt McMillion and token rock star Bill Chapelle met up with a couple a cars of Virginia boys including another Trevor and the rest is history.  Check it our below.


July 23rd, 2015 by AdventSure